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Dewa Athena

Dewa Athena is a school sport event. Dewa Athena is hold on semester 2 of school. The 10 and 11 grades must attend this event. For those who can't attend, should make a letter from parents.

     I attended the first day of Dewa Athena. The first game I joined in is football. Football consists of 6 person in each team in the game. X MIPA 8 vs X MIPA 2. At the first round, my class lose. X MIPA 2 has one score. But then, in the second round, we tried our best to win. Adila makes score twice. And in penalty, Gabby makes one score in the game, (( sorry, Adila and Gabby if im not a mistaken )). And in the end we won. Thanks for those who played football.

   The second game I attended in is tug of war. Well to be honest I don't really good in this game, it consists of 10 person to play this game. 5 girls, and 5 boys. Zio works really hard in tug of war, he pulls really hard behind me. The 10 person from my class made a strategy to win this game, by doing a zigzag. Thanks for th…

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